Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica: Blackheart's Arts

Blackheart's Arts

It’s so nice seeing someone who appreciates what some alien life forms are meant to do. Blackheart understands my wants and needs…and yours. Come see what I mean…

I love how he’s decorated. Don’t you? Look, this poster says “Earth Will Breed With Anything.” Well, I know I’m not one to ‘breed’ per se, but I’d happily give it a good shot. Especially with such well hung alien specimens. They have to keep these bad boys chained in some cases, they’re that big and strong. And wait til you see his perversion version of Hell. Mmm, demons everywhere, poor sobbing women who have no idea how much delight they’re getting.

Beyond just this, you’ll also see the striped marks of weeping women being punished for not giving proper pleasure. One distressed damsel is even forced to keep track on the head of her bed how many she has pleased. Tch, tch. She’s moved from men to women to…Well, you’re going to have to enter into the gallery to find out who is next…or…what…

Image Strip Gallery

So you wish to know more, my travelling friend? That is wondrous news. In order to see these illicit images, I will require proper authorization and identification. If you please, go to the artist's site at Erotic Illusions and sign up for that one. Then return here with the codes you have been given for full unadulterated access to both that site and this one. After that, we will spend some quality time together within this exciting gallery, seeing what is on ... display...!

Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions


Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions